30 Personality Type Questions Survey Response by Amelia

Here are the survey answers for 30 Personality Type Questions Survey taken by Amelia

Do You Like Your Name?

What Age Would You Like To Be Right Now?

Do You Have Pets?
No ????

How Many Best Friend's Do You Have?

What's Your Favorite Color?

Do You Like To Go Shopping?

Are You Into Sports?

What's Your Favorite Hobby?
Acting and singing

Do You Like To Read?

What Do You Do When You Are Mad?
Scream into my pillow or rant to my friends and family

What Word Do You Catch Your Self Saying A Lot?
I'm depressed or hehe kill me now

MacDonald's Or Burger King?
MacDonald's all the way

Coke Or Pepsi?
Pepsi .. don't sue me it's just sweeter. Diet to be precise

Summer Or Winter?

Are You Nice To Everyone?
Well lots of people say I'm the nicest person they know but if you go to far and hurt people I care about then no

Do You Like Swimming?

How Do You Do Your Hair Often?
Keep it down or half up half down

What City Or State Would You Like To Go To?

What Kind Of Ice Cream Do You Like Most?
Hmm Ben and Jerry's phish food is bomb

Hot Cheetoes Or Doritos?

Do You Like School?
What kind of question is this? Of course not

Are You In School?

Do You Play Video Games?
Not often

What Do You Do For Fun?
Cry and apart from that go to rehearsals for my production

Do You Talk A Lot In The Phone?

Are You More Shy, Or Talkative?
Depends I'm so different in different places around different people

Do You Like Going Outdoors?
Not particularly

Do You Like Rainy Days?
If I can stay inside

Do You Have A Favorite Restaraunt? If Yes, Which One?
No as long as the food is good

Are You Awesome?
Umm Yah ... no

Honestly, Are You?

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