30 Personality Type Questions Survey Response by Janet

Here are the survey answers for 30 Personality Type Questions Survey taken by Janet

Do You Like Your Name?

What Age Would You Like To Be Right Now?

Do You Have Pets?
Yes.A pet bird!!!!!A cute bird!

How Many Best Friend's Do You Have?
No best friends.I'm forever alone XD

What's Your Favorite Color?

Do You Like To Go Shopping?
Yes.I shop till I drop.

Are You Into Sports?
I hate sports,except walking

What's Your Favorite Hobby?
singing,listening to music,writing diaries(that yall sibeh ba gua/kaypoh people love to read)

Do You Like To Read?

What Do You Do When You Are Mad?
Write in my diary entry.Vent and vent.

What Word Do You Catch Your Self Saying A Lot?

MacDonald's Or Burger King?
MAcdonald,anyday anytime

Coke Or Pepsi?

Summer Or Winter?
Summer pleaaaase

Are You Nice To Everyone?
Yes.I am very angelic even to people that harm me.

Do You Like Swimming?

How Do You Do Your Hair Often?
Every day.

What City Or State Would You Like To Go To?

What Kind Of Ice Cream Do You Like Most?
CHocolate,durian,vanilla,caramel,paddle pop rainbow flavored ice cream

Hot Cheetoes Or Doritos?
hot cheetoes

Do You Like School?

Are You In School?

Do You Play Video Games?
Not anymore.I intend to sell away my PS4:( Should I?I'm no longer interested

What Do You Do For Fun?

Do You Talk A Lot In The Phone?
No i hate talking on the phone

Are You More Shy, Or Talkative?
Shy and reserved

Do You Like Going Outdoors?
Yes i love the great outdoors

Do You Like Rainy Days?
NO ewww it disrupts my plans to go out with my bf.If it rains then blardy hell we cannot hold hands.we hold the umbrella instead.

Do You Have A Favorite Restaraunt? If Yes, Which One?

Are You Awesome?

Honestly, Are You?

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