15 Questions about your mom Survey Response by Janet

Here are the survey answers for 15 Questions about your mom Survey taken by Janet

Would you be hurt if she died?
Yes I would still miss her terribly even though she loves me not.She loves my bro the most.

Is she still wtih your dad?

How old is she?

Do you know her birthday?
Yes motiron

Did she graduate?
No.she dropped out of school at age 11 due to poorness.haha

If yes, what school?
dunno eh.

Would you even care if she died?

Has she hit you?
Yes,with a hanger,and father used belt.she also hit my arm until my BCG wound burst and lot of blood flowed out.she's very wicked.

Does she drink?

When did she meet your dad?

Do you love her?
Not so much.SHe's not a very pleasant person

Do you think she regrets having you?

Does she smoke?

Is she super nosie?

Do you think this survey was too personal?

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