15 Questions about your mom Survey Response by lorenzo

Here are the survey answers for 15 Questions about your mom Survey taken by lorenzo

Would you be hurt if she died?
yes. very.

Is she still wtih your dad?
no but they are still good friends

How old is she?

Do you know her birthday?
yes its 12 october 1982

Did she graduate?
yes she looked very proud of herself too.

If yes, what school?

Would you even care if she died?
of course i would.

Has she hit you?
she hit me on my bum when i was little but it didnt hurt

Does she drink?
only when she goes out with her friends or when shes just chilling at home

When did she meet your dad?
i dont know when she met my REAL dad because i dont know him very well but she met my new dad when i was 3 years old and hes been my dad ever since

Do you love her?

Do you think she regrets having you?
no she worries about me sometimes so that proves she loves me

Does she smoke?
no but she tried it when i was 7 years old but she didnt like it but i was upset

Is she super nosie?

Do you think this survey was too personal?

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