15 Questions about your mom Survey Response by Emily

Here are the survey answers for 15 Questions about your mom Survey taken by Emily

Would you be hurt if she died?
Yes, of course

Is she still wtih your dad?
No and that's okay

How old is she?
55 still

Do you know her birthday?
March 19

Did she graduate?
With flying colors

If yes, what school?
No idea actually. Hmm...

Would you even care if she died?
Didn't I answer this already? I find it odd you asked this twice.

Has she hit you?
Many times. And hard. LOL

Does she drink?
Yes. Not excessively.

When did she meet your dad?
I'm going to guess something like 1985ish

Do you love her?

Do you think she regrets having you?
LOL def no. But maybe some days lol jk

Does she smoke?
No way

Is she super nosie?
She can be

Do you think this survey was too personal?
It borderlined

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