15 Questions about your mom Survey Response by Jodie

Here are the survey answers for 15 Questions about your mom Survey taken by Jodie

Would you be hurt if she died?
She did and yes im beyond heartbroken. I miss her so much it hurts.

Is she still wtih your dad?

How old is she?
She was 64 when she died

Do you know her birthday?
November 11, 1948

Did she graduate?
No she got her GED with my grandma

If yes, what school?
GED but she went to greenon high school

Would you even care if she died?
Yes my world came crumbling down the day she died. Part of me died with her and my life hasnt been the same since

Has she hit you?
She spanked me a couple of times when I was little but thats it.

Does she drink?
No she didnt

When did she meet your dad?
In 1987

Do you love her?
With all of my heart. She was my best friend and shes my hero. I miss her so much.

Do you think she regrets having you?
No she never did

Does she smoke?
She did

Is she super nosie?
No she wasnt

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