15 Would You Rather Questions Survey Response by Trumpdadada

Here are the survey answers for 15 Would You Rather Questions Survey taken by Trumpdadada

Be a poison tester or suicide bomber?
Trump's hair tester

Fat and short or fat and tall
Fat and short like trump's hands

Wet and cold or dry and hot
Orange and short

Vampire or a cat

Be george lopez or brad pitt

Eat sand or dirt
Obama's mother

Be 30 or 1

Pro skater boarder or singer
It's peanut butter jelly time

Eat metal or bugs
What trump looks like

Be a monkey or wolf man
Trump's gender

Work at google or bing

Make a board game or video game
Trump 1.0

Mini cooper or mustang
Whatever trump can fit in so I perfer the short car

Dead or alive
Trump alive

Singer or actor
Can I be trump's hair

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