The Total Girlfriend - Boyfriend Survey Response by Anonymous

Here are the survey answers for The Total Girlfriend - Boyfriend Survey taken by Anonymous

Would you do anything for them?
If it needs to be done, yeah. But not "can ya go beat that guy up please cause I don't like him." Not implying she would ask me to do that, but i'm saying i'd have my own thought process in the matter. But there is no limit to what I would do if I agreed it needed to be done.

Have you cried because of them?
It happens in every relationship, it's part of being human.

Do you two talk about marriage?
We have talked about getting married in the future.

Are they always on your mind?
A lot of things cross my mind, but they are a frequent one.

Do you use his last name/put your last name at the end of her full name?
She likes to use my last name.

3 words that describe them are...
Fascinating, captivating and amazing.

Do you lie to him/her?
Nope, that would get in the way of progress and a happy future.

How many kids would you like to have with them?
Zero to possibly one.

Are you number 1 on thier top?
I don't get what this question means, but if i'm their #1 human, I'd like to think I am and they tell me I am so I guess I am.

On a scale 1-10 how glad are you that their yours?
Obviously a ten.

Do you get jealous?
Rarely, but sometimes I can be jealous. But I'm not a whole angry-jealous type of person. I more like to express where my jealousy is coming from without saying i'm jealous if ya get what I mean. Self preservation but also fixing something if there's an issue impeding our happiness. But I should say that it takes quite a lot for me to be jealous. I'm not a whole "Oh, you're spending time with them instead of me?" type of person.

Have you ever snuck them over?

Do you miss him/her?
Currently we are not side-by-side but I don't miss her cause she is soon to return and we've been speaking over messenger.

Do they treat you good?
Yup, again, I wouldn't hold on to a relationship that didn't make me happy.

If they hung up on you would you call them back?
Probably, depending on whether or not I thought they needed a few minutes to think or something, but i'm not sure if we've ever just abruptly hung up on eachother.

Do you hate to see them sad or mad?
I don't think anyone likes to see those they love sad or mad.

What would you give up for them?
Everything, I have and I would again.

Would you change for him/her?
To a point, but all change should come from within oneself. If there was an issue between us that was caused by a character flaw of mine, it would kick me in the ass to try to better myself. But I would not change who I am if they asked. They love me, not who I could be. But I don't think they would ask me to change anything other than what would make me a better person.

Can he/she make you smile no matter what?
Yes, if she wants to, she can.

Does he/she make you happy?

How happy?
Scale of 1-10? 11. This is the best point in my life that I have ever been at. I'm very gracious and appreciative of this point in my life.

Do you want to grow old with them?
Yessir, we're going to have matching rocking chairs.

Do you get scared when they say..
Say what? I'm sure that some sentences could scare me, but that would be born from insecurity in our relationship and i'd like to think I don't have any of that.

Do you kiss alot?
I'm not a whole touchy feely type of person, so somewhere between a little bit to a lot. Depends on the day.

When do you want to have a family together?
If we choose to have a family that includes other humans and not just animals, it would happen after we are in a stable situation where we would at least have the odds on our side for providing for these new family members. But i'd like to think I've already found family in hers and we're already like a family. We joke, hang out, talk, bicker sometimes, all of the things that families do. But what's important to me is that I don't feel like one stupid day or one wrong sentence could make them truly dislike me. So, I love them and I can only hope that they love me.

Whendo you want to live together?
Alone and together? Probably when we decide to move on from our current point in life.

Are you proud of him/her?
Of course I am, if I thought that she wasn't trying to do her best and do things in her own way to succeed, i'd try to help her. But it seems like she has it covered and i'm quite proud of all of the things that she's doing on her own.

Would you protect them?
With my life.

Is he/she your one & only?
My one and only romantic partner, yes. I don't have many friends but I do have some other friends.

Have you loved anyone else in your life more?

Do love songs remind you of him/her?
Depends on the song.

Do you like laying with them?
Of course, but I prefer conversation to be quite honest.

What would you rather do.. Sex or just hold them?
This is a weird question. Obviously hold them.

What do they mean to you?
Hasn't this asked this question in like 3 different ways? Everything, they mean everything to me.

Are you addicted to him/her?
No, addiction is bad. They are something that I pleasingly choose to have in my day and I enjoy it very, very much. But if they wanted to do something else a day or two, i'm not going to go through withdrawals.

Would you kiss them in a crowd?
Of course.

Do you tell yur friends how much you love him/her?
Every friend i've spoken too since we've been together, knows how much I love her.

What would you do to make him/her happy
What they needed to be happy.

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