The Total Girlfriend - Boyfriend Survey Response by Liz

Here are the survey answers for The Total Girlfriend - Boyfriend Survey taken by Liz

Would you do anything for them?

Have you cried because of them?

Do you two talk about marriage?

Are you in-love with them?
With out a doubt

Are they always on your mind?

Do you use his last name/put your last name at the end of her full name?
Sure do

3 words that describe them are...
Mine, mine, and oh yeah MINE

Do you lie to him/her?

How many kids would you like to have with them?
We r both fixed

Are you number 1 on thier top?

On a scale 1-10 how glad are you that their yours?

Do you get jealous?
For sure

Have you ever snuck them over?
Dont have to, we live together

Do you miss him/her?
God more then anything

Do they treat you good?
The best

If they hung up on you would you call them back?

Would you apologize if they were mad at you & mean it?
We both have

Do you hate to see them sad or mad?

What would you give up for them?
Anything besides my kids

Would you change for him/her?
I have and i would more

Are they the most important thing to you?
Him and the kids

Can he/she make you smile no matter what?
Most definitely

Does he/she make you happy?
Even with just an email :)

How happy?
Would be better if he was home

Do you want to grow old with them?
Better dig 2 babe

Do you get scared when they say..
I told you so

Do you kiss alot?
Every chance we get

When do you want to have a family together?
Since april 2016 until forever

Whendo you want to live together?
Already have

Are you proud of him/her?
Not with these circumstances but besides that hes an amazing man

Would you protect them?
For sure

Is he/she your one & only?
Forever and always

Have you loved anyone else in your life more?
My kids and him r equal

Do love songs remind you of him/her?
The ones we listened to

Do you like laying with them?
Miss it so much

What would you rather do.. Sex or just hold them?
Either or

What do they mean to you?
The world

Are you addicted to him/her?
Hes my biggest addiction

Would you kiss them in a crowd?

Do you tell yur friends how much you love him/her?

What would you do to make him/her happy

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