The Total Girlfriend - Boyfriend Survey Response by Lynnea

Here are the survey answers for The Total Girlfriend - Boyfriend Survey taken by Lynnea

Would you do anything for them?
yes, almost anything

Have you cried because of them?
yes a couple times

Do you two talk about marriage?
we mentioned it once

Are you in-love with them?
i believe so

Are they always on your mind?
yes they are

Do you use his last name/put your last name at the end of her full name?
i have thought about it before

3 words that describe them are...
Funny, romantic, laid back

Do you lie to him/her?
no of course not

How many kids would you like to have with them?
1 or 2, if any

Are you number 1 on thier top?
yes i think so

On a scale 1-10 how glad are you that their yours?

Do you get jealous?

Have you ever snuck them over?

Do you miss him/her?
yes i do

Do they treat you good?

If they hung up on you would you call them back?

Would you apologize if they were mad at you & mean it?
yes i would

Do you hate to see them sad or mad?
yes i do

What would you give up for them?
nothing. i don't think you should have to give up anything for someone else. they should appeciate you for who you are at the beginning

Would you change for him/her?
not in a negative way, no

Are they the most important thing to you?
one of the most important people in my life. yes

Can he/she make you smile no matter what?
sometimes he can piss me off but not in a bad way. he makes me happy for the most part

Does he/she make you happy?
yes of course

How happy?

Do you want to grow old with them?
so far, yes i think i do.

Do you get scared when they say..

Do you kiss alot?
yes we do.

When do you want to have a family together?
i don't like to think that far ahead

Whendo you want to live together?
maybe in 2 or 3 years if we are still going strong

Are you proud of him/her?
yes i am!

Would you protect them?
at all costs

Is he/she your one & only?

Have you loved anyone else in your life more?
no i don't think so.

Do love songs remind you of him/her?

Do you like laying with them?

What would you rather do.. Sex or just hold them?
hold them

What do they mean to you?
they mean a lot to me.

Are you addicted to him/her?
i don't think i'd go that far.

Would you kiss them in a crowd?
yes with no shame

Do you tell yur friends how much you love him/her?
yes i do

What would you do to make him/her happy
be myself, that's all they should want

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