The Ultimate 200 Question Survey Response by Spence

Here are the survey answers for The Ultimate 200 Question Survey taken by Spence

What's your name?

How old are you? When's your birthday?
16, March 20th

What state do you live in?

The Top 5 Movies of all time are...
i don't really watch movies

The Top 5 Songs of all time are...

The Top 5 Music Artists of all time are...
queen, taylor swift, michael jackson, billy joel, icp

Do you read for pleasure? What do you read?
yes but not as much as i used to, i like fantasy and young adult fiction

If you could spend a day with anyone in the world, who would it be?
taylor swift idfk

Why would you choose that person?
because she's a nice person and i like her music

What would you do with them that day?
talk about life, her career, her music

Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? What's their name(s)?
no unfortunately

Do you get along with your parents?
for the most part

This is question number 13. Do you believe in bad/good luck?
it depends

Do you drink?

Do you smoke cigarettes/cigars?

Do you use drugs?
marijuana is the farthest i will go

Do you have any tattoos?

Do you have any nicknames?
spence, spen sometimes

Saving Private Ryan or Black Hawk Down?
saving private ryan

Which movie is the best: Twilight, Titanic, The Notebook
titanic i guess

Braveheart or Gladiator?

Pearl Harbor or A Walk to Remember
pearl harbor

Girls: Brad Pitt or David Beckham?
not a girl but i like guys so, brad pitt

Guys: Jessica Alba or Jessica Simpson?
jessica simpson idk

The Hills or One Tree Hill?

Family Guy or The Simpsons
family guy

What's the worst movie you've seen?
trolls world tour (my brother watched it)

What's the worst song you've heard?
any song by justin bieber, or any soundcloud song

What's the worst TV show you've seen?
grey's anatomy

Can you watch golf on TV for over 10 minutes?
absolutely not

Can you watch tennis on TV for over 10 minutes?

Can you watch poker on TV for over 10 minutes?

Can you watch football on TV for over 10 minutes?

When you turn on the TV, what's the first channel you watch?
i don't really watch tv, so netflix probably

MTV or VH1?

What's the last song you listened to on repeat?
somewhere only we know- keane

If you could own 5 houses anywhere in the world, where would they be?
honolulu, hawaii, new york city, somewhere in the bahamas, london, and one where i live now

Would you rather travel to Europe or Australia?

Would you rather swim in the ocean or in a pool?

Would you rather take a vacation to the ocean or a lake?

What's better, the last day of school or your birthday?
last day of school, idc about my birthday

What do you want your career to be when you're older?

Where do you want to live when you're older?
california maybe, or new york. maybe somewhere close to where i am now

Do you want to have a spouse? Kids? How many?
yes and maybe. if i have kids then i want 2 or 3

Favorite season?

Favorite month?

Halloween or Thanksgiving?

What do you fear?
being alone or abandoned

Would you skydive for $400?
i'd do it for free. i'd PAY to do it

If you were on death row, and had one night to live, what would you have for dinner?
probably tacos tbh

How often do you take a bath/shower?
once every 2 days, SOMETIMES 3

Would you rather be deaf or blind?

Are you right handed or left handed?
right handed

Saint Patrick's Day or Valentine's Day?
saint patrick's day

Would you rather be extremely intelligent or extremely rich?
extremely rich

Favorite ice cream flavor?
cookie dough

Think of the most important person in your life. Would you die this very moment to save their life?

Have you ever been electrocuted?

What color are your eyes?

What color is your hair?
naturally blond, dyed dark brown

Have you ever been in a physical fight? Did you win?
with my brother, countless times. i've won several

If you could have one wish, and you couldn't wish for more wishes, what would you wish for?
i'd wish to have my dream body

Pancakes or Waffles?

Do you put your arms up when you're on a rollercoaster?
sometimes, but that's corny

Chris Brown or Usher?

Salt or Pepper?

McDonald's or Burger King?

What's worse: a headache or a stomach ache?
a stomach ache because you could throw up

What's worse: a dentist appointment or a doctor's appointment?

If NASA gave you the oppurtunity to go to the moon next week, would you go?

How many world wars have their been?

Favorite Disney movie?
lion king idk

Do you like air conditioning or a fan? Both?
air conditioning

Have you ever drank sweet tea? Did you like it?
yes, and i liked it

How do you like your eggs cooked?
any way tbh, but i prefer scrambled or an omelet

Do you like the smell of gasoline?
usually. it depends

What's the first thing you do when you wake up?
check my phone

What were you doing at 5pm yesterday?
on my phone

Do you make your bed?

Favorite candy flavor (Lemon, Cherry, Grape, Lime, Orange)?
cherry or blue raspberry

Would you rather drown or die from falling?
die from falling because it's instant

Favorite school subject?

Least favorite school subject?

Where were you on September 11th, 2001, at 9am?
not born yet

What's your ringtone?

What's the worst color combination?
pink and green

Favorite color?

Would you rather take a bus or a taxi?

Would you shave your head for $500?
i shaved it for free so yeah

What time is it right now where you live?
9:00 am

Have you ever been to West Virginia?

Favorite mascot (Lion, Raider, King, Titan, Tiger, Hawk, etc.)?
idk probably tiger

Are your more afraid of a Grizzly bear or a Great White shark?
grizzly bear

Do you like jokes or riddles?
i love both

If you could have any car, what would you have?
a lambo

Would you rather go back to 1985 or forward to 2025?
2025 is only 3 years away, but i'd go there yeah

Are you sitting still right now?

What's the last song you heard?
when you sleep- my bloody valentine

Have you ever drank spoiled milk?
yes by accident obviously

Favorite type of food (Italian, American, Seafood, Chinese, etc.)?
american or mexican

Favorite food (Hamburger, Salad, Cow Tongue, Sushi, etc.)?

Have you ever been in a car accident?

Favorite Cereal?
cocoa pebbles

What do you find the most attractive in the opposite sex?
i like both genders and personality for both (plus ass)

Biggest turn-off?
being racist or a bigot in any way

Favorite male name?

Favorite female name?

Would you have Osama Bin Laden killed or imprisoned?

Have you ever had braces?

Have you ever been streaking?

Have you ever broken a bone? What?

Do you play any sports? What?

What's cuter: a puppy or a kitten?

Would you experience the worst pain in the world for 30 seconds for $1000?
yes, as long as i was just FEELING it, not having something bad actually happen to me

You're in a small plane, the pilot dies, and there's one parachute. Do you try to land the plane or jump?
try to land it

The traffic light turns yellow. Do you accelerate or slow down?
depends how far i am from the light

It's the middle of the night and you're the only car on the road. Do you run a red light?
as long as there are no cops around

Batman or Superman?

Are you wearing clothes right now? What are you wearing?
that's a creepy question but yes, a hoodie and normal pants

What noise do you hear at this very moment?
people talking

Facebook or Myspace? Do you think you'll ever have the other?
facebook, no

I'm standing right behind you. Are you going to turn around?

Can you name the NFL team that won the most recent Super Bowl?
the rams

Favorite comedian?

Favorite actor?
ryan reynolds

Favorite actress?
emma watson

How long have you gone without sleep?
36 hours or so

Are you on a desktop, laptop or something else?

What do you think of Britney Spears?
she's okay

What do you think of Barack Obama?
he was okay, he legalized gay marriage so that's cool

What do you think of The Jonas Brothers?
i don't like them

When was the last time you ate?
two hours ago

Who was the last person to text/call you?
my mom

Do you know the name of Spongebob Squarepants's best friend, who's a starfish?

Breaking News: Russia invades California, Oregon, Washington State, and Hawaii. Would you join the military?

Apples or oranges?

Least favorite chore?

When you play chess, do you play with the white or black pieces?
i don't play chess/don't know how to play

When you play checkers, do you play with the red or black pieces?
either one

Apple juice or Orange juice?
apple juice

CSI or Law and Order?

How badly have you injured yourself?
i've self harmed before so probably that (cutting)

Which music artist would you like to see live?
i would say queen but freddie died so taylor swift

Last movie you saw in the theatre?
i don't remember

What's the last thing you said outloud?
"i'm going to class"

What's your most embarassing moment?
when i fell twice running outside during a fire drill

Coke or Sprite?

Dr. Pepper or Mr. Pibb?
dr pepper

Battleship or Monopoly?

Will Farrell or Adam Sandler?
adam sandler

What type of gum do you chew?

Would you rather date someone 15 years younger than you or 15 years older?
older maybe, but only when i'm legal

What slang word do you mainly use for marijuana?

Do you brush your teeth everyday?
sometimes i forget

Favorite type of sandwich?
salami and cheese

What's the backround on your computer?
an alleyway

What's worse: spiders or snakes?

If you were to sing a song right now, what's the first to come to mind?
best song ever- one direction

When was the last time you cried?
last night

Will Smith or Denzel Washington?
will smith

Oprah Winfrey or Ellen DeGeneres?

Where were you born?
in a hospital

What's something people don't know about you that you want them to?
that i go by he/him pronouns, not she/her

What came first, the chicken or the egg?
the egg

What's your middle name? Do you like it?
lawrence, yes i picked it myself

Do you know your mother's birthday? What is it?
september 3rd

Do you have your social security number memorized?

Do you sleep in any clothes?

What's the first thing you wash in the shower?
my hair

Do you often rent movies?

What's your main source for listening to music (iPod, Radio, mp3, Internet)?

Can you use chopsticks properly?

Could you ever forgive a cheating boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse?

Can you handle the truth or do you believe what you want?
i can handle the truth

Who's the most attractive person you've ever seen?

How attractive do you think you are (1-10)?
2 at most

When was the last time you had to run?
like a year ago in p.e

Best vacation spot?

What do you do to attract the opposite sex?
nothing i'm fat and ugly

Favorite day of the week? Why?
saturday because no school

Least favorite day of the week? Why?

Do you believe in magic?

How would you like to die?
old age or suicide, idk

Favorite time of day?
4:00 pm

Are you a morning person or a night person?

What did you want to be when you grew up when you were little?
a rockstar

Least favorite food?
liver and onions

What's your favorite childhood memory?
i don't know

What's something that makes you cringe?

What did you do today?
the day just started but i went to school

Can you use a public restroom?
no i'm trans

Would you rather live somewhere that's blazing hot everyday or freezing cold and snowing everyday?

Vanilla Ice or MC Hammer?
vanilla ice

Chuck Norris or Bruce Lee?
chuck norris

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

Would you rather lose your dominant arm or a leg?

Would you rather lose your eye sight or hearing?

Have you ever broken the law? How?
yes, i stole a street sign and did drugs while underage

If you could be the best at something, what would it be?
attracting people or making friends

It took me 2 hours to make this survey. What did you think about it?
it was cool, cured my boredom

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