Would You If Your Partner Asked You Survey Response by Kwn

Here are the survey answers for Would You If Your Partner Asked You Survey taken by Kwn

Go vegetarian?
I couldn't give up my chicken!!

Appear on national TV?

Break the law?
If it was for my family, yes.

Change your Religious beliefs?

Give up your favorite food?

Get plastic surgery to change your appearance?
No, but I would get bigger boobs for me????

Wake up early every day?
I do already.

Watch Really Scary movies with them late at night?
I LOVE scary movies, he hates them.

Support their favourite sport Team no matter what?
We don't watch sports.

Change your friends you hang out with?
I'm a homebody.

Get a Tattoo?
Yessss. I want another one!!

Get rid of all your Tattoos?
I want a cover up anyways.

Give up Swearing?
I can't, it's just the way I talk.

Quit Smoking?
I would try.

Skip the annual ofice party?

Give up buying branded products to save money?
With four kids, you kinda have to at times

Be a stay-at-home parent?

Live in the same house as your in laws?
Nooooooo. Couldn't do it.

Have 5 children?
I have four. Four is plenty for us.

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