Would You If Your Partner Asked You Survey Response by Sierra

Here are the survey answers for Would You If Your Partner Asked You Survey taken by Sierra

Go vegetarian?
I am already a vegetarian.

Appear on national TV?
Depends on what I'm appearing on and what I'll have to do.

Break the law?
Depends on what crime I'm to committ, who it will effect and how risky it is.

Change your Religious beliefs?

Give up your favorite food?
Why would I have to do that?

Get plastic surgery to change your appearance?
No way! My partner should like me for who I am mostly, and not for what I look like.

Wake up early every day?
No I like sleep too much.

Watch Really Scary movies with them late at night?

Support their favourite sport Team no matter what?
Sure, although I'm not much of a sports fan.

Change your friends you hang out with?
No way!

Get a Tattoo?
Maybe just a small unnoticable one.

Get rid of all your Tattoos?
Only if I wanted to.

Give up Swearing?
Yeah, it's not that hard.

Quit Smoking?
I don't and will never smoke!

Skip the annual ofice party?

Give up buying branded products to save money?
Depends on what products.

Be a stay-at-home parent?
No way!

Live in the same house as your in laws?

Have 5 children?

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