Would You If Your Partner Asked You Survey Response by Ash

Here are the survey answers for Would You If Your Partner Asked You Survey taken by Ash

Go vegetarian?
I would maybe be able to do it for a week lol

Appear on national TV?
No lol

Break the law?
Nope never

Change your Religious beliefs?
I'm not religious

Give up your favorite food?
I couldn't do it

Get plastic surgery to change your appearance?
Leave him

Wake up early every day?
I do anyways

Watch Really Scary movies with them late at night?
We used to but I can't do that anymore

Support their favourite sport Team no matter what?
I do Dallas Cowboys

Change your friends you hang out with?
Done that but that was more my choice

Get a Tattoo?
I would

Get rid of all your Tattoos?
I don't have any

Give up Swearing?
I'd try to cut back

Quit Smoking?
I don't smoke

Skip the annual ofice party?
I don't work in an office anymore

Give up buying branded products to save money?
I would

Be a stay-at-home parent?
I couldn't

Live in the same house as your in laws?
I definitely couldn't

Have 5 children?
I would only have 1

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