Would You If Your Partner Asked You Survey Response by ZW

Here are the survey answers for Would You If Your Partner Asked You Survey taken by ZW

Go vegetarian?
hell nah theyre going

Appear on national TV?
im down

Break the law?
If its not major

Change your Religious beliefs?
They gotta go

Give up your favorite food?
well idk why they would but i guess i can give it up

Get plastic surgery to change your appearance?
Nah bro they gotta go

Wake up early every day?
I do anyway

Watch Really Scary movies with them late at night?
Im down just means i get to hold her

Support their favourite sport Team no matter what?
Depends what sport

Change your friends you hang out with?
I mean to an extent but i wont get eid of all my friends

Get a Tattoo?
What of if its matching or about them then No

Get rid of all your Tattoos?
No way

Give up Swearing?
Itd hard lol but yeah

Quit Smoking?
I dont smoke

Skip the annual ofice party?
Dont work in an ofdice

Give up buying branded products to save money?
I got money wouldnt happen

Be a stay-at-home parent?
Nah tf

Live in the same house as your in laws?
If we all got along then i got no problem with that

Have 5 children?
Yeah thats not gonna happen

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