25 Have You Ever Questions Survey Response by SasukeLover69

Here are the survey answers for 25 Have You Ever Questions Survey taken by SasukeLover69

Been robbed
Yes, the maids stole all our toilet brushes

Been skinny dipping
;) No

Been arrested
Not yet

Been in an airplane

Been out of the country

Had surgery
Not that I know of

Felt like passing out instead of enduring pain

Snuck out without getting caught

Cried yourself to sleep

Seen a shooting star

Almost died (how many times)
All the time

Been to the E. R.
Yes, my mouth was split open haha

Fallen in the pool (if u have one)
I've fallen in A pool

Thought consirderably about the past/furture

Been stung by a bee/wasp
Once I tried to pet a bumblebee and it rejected me. That stung

Eaten raw bacon (or other meat)
Not raw, no. If you're talking about dick, also no.

Danced around in your underwear (honestly)
Heeheeheeheeehuhuhuhuh no

Gone trick or treating in no costume
I've never gone trick or treating

Bitten someone

Been in a fist fight
I punched him. He punched me back. We both cried

Fallen down the stairs

What about tripping up them
I tried, but now my leg's just sore

Ignored someone till they stopped talking to you for good

Met someone who changed your life
Karl. My dearest, closest and only friend. A bisexual icon. A total weeb.

Woken up screaming

Had reoccuring dreams
I've dreamt consistantly about zombies. Those fuckers never know what's coming.

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