Have You Ever (girls only) Survey Response by Useless Lesbian

Here are the survey answers for Have You Ever (girls only) Survey taken by Useless Lesbian

Have you ever cheated on your boyfriend with his best friend
No, I don't like boys

Have you ever been kicked out of school
I was almost held back twice, but never got kicked out

Have you ever been in trouble with the law
My brother once shoplifted a fruit roll up when we were little and my mom took us both back to the store and made us apologize. My mom always gets me in trouble when my brother does something bad

Have you ever sneaked out of your house

Have you ever done something bad and you still havent told your parents
Yes, my friends vaped? My mom would get pissed if she knew my friends juul

Have you ever sneaked a boy in your house
Haha no

Have you ever stay gone from home and dont return until a week later

Have you ever love more then one person at the sametime
Crushwise, yes. My attraction was not mutual :(

Have you ever lied about your age to someone
Yes, I lied about my age on Roblox

Have you ever slept outside (not in a tent)
I don't think so

Have you ever told someone that you love them and really didnt mean it
My rapist father

Have you ever hooked up with someone to make someone else mad
No, I'm not a fucking THOT

Have you ever broke someone's heart
Probably not, nobody really has any interest in me

Have you ever done something a long time ago and just now regret it
Yes, I was a dumb bitch in Elementary svhool and never bothered to learn how to do fractions

Have you ever cryed over a boy for a week stright
Haha no

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