Awesome Random Stuff Survey Response by Broken

Here are the survey answers for Awesome Random Stuff Survey taken by Broken

Do you like pandas?

How many puzzles have you done in your whole life?

Where would you rather live: Africa or India?

How many asian friends do you have?

Do you miss someone who you cannot see? Who?

How many text messages are in your inbox?

How many of the opposite gender did you talk to today?

Who was the last person that poked you?

Who was the last person that you took a picture with?

Do you like gloomy bear?

What's your opinion about

How often do you eat instant noodles?

Who is your most hated teacher?

Would you be willing to say a poem in the Talen Show?

What's up?

What's your favorite flavor of jello?

Do you prefer Twitter or Facebook?

Who's your best friend today?

How many people are you talking to on Instant Messenger?

Do you eat beef?

Apple or Microsoft?

Do you think Nike is expensive?

Is your sibling fat?

What's your favorite number?

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