35 Juicy Questions Survey Response by Lonely Girl

Here are the survey answers for 35 Juicy Questions Survey taken by Lonely Girl

Why did you and your last bf / gf break up?
because he asked out another girl. JERK!!!

If you could see your future in a movie, would you watch it?
it would either be really boring and depressing, or one of the movies you scream at cz the main character is missing all the amazing oppurtunities

What Country and City are you from?

Do you regularly indulge in drugs? If so, what? i.e Dope, Ectasy
no, i tend to stay away from subtense abuse

Plans for the weekend?
no, not really. might call friends, or play games. idk yet

Have you organised plans for summer break / new years?
uhhhh NOPE. joy of the new year bussle

What type of boys / girls are you attracted too?
honestly, idk if im straight, bi or asex rn. figuring things out i guess

Three things you would want if you were stranded on an island?
food, med kit, and a hairtie

If you won a holiday but had to choose either a cruise ship or resort, what would you choose?
RESORT. period. i HATE the ocean. drowning is a thing

Favourite colour?
black or pine green

What makes you angry?
arrogant people, or people who're defiant to see the damage they're causing people

Have you ever been in a protest?
no, i anted to go to the BLM one in D.C. though.

Do you drive? If so, what type of car?
no, too scared to.

If your bestfriend and boyfriend needed you, honestly who would you choose?
my best friend.she is and will always be there for me more then any guy could ever be. she'll be more amazing then anybody, ALWAYS. i can always find another guy, but i can never find another person like her.

One thing that annoys you about your best friend / boyfriend?
nothing about my bestfriend, guys though, theyre guys LOL

If you could ask someone any question you want, what would it be?
when was your lowest point, and how did you get back up.

If you won lotto would you still work?
yes, it would help me work.

What are thre first three big purchases you'd make after winnning lotto?
recording studio, a house for my huge family, and a outside art studio. all after charity.

Random crazy thing you daydream about?
what would happen if i died, like, emotionally for other people.

Are you at home, work...?
home boiiiss

Longest relationship?
8 months. that was the previous breakup... .-.

Names that you love?
elliot, james, alexandra, rolfward, and lilly mae

Do you perfer a beer or spirit mix (vodka, bourbon)?
under age 0-0

(realistically) I'm wanting:
a stable income

Current obsession:
mushrooms. and the fairy core aesthetic

Fav quote:
with great power, comes great responsibility

I'm worried about:
death, sickness, men, rape, abusive relationships, toxic people, verbal abuse, mental health takng over, dark figures, whispering, etc.

Next thing I want to buy:
something for my mom. she works too hard for us sometimes.

What's your fav type of music?
probably either opera, pop, indie rock, or jazz. all of them selective.

Have you ever met anyone famous?
uhm, my relatives are famous. my uncle manages FAMOUS singers, and my cousn plays n the MBL

Fav singers / bands?
i like Artic Monkeys. theyre cool, and the beetles are dope too

Fav famous person?
Keanu Reeves. so incrediblely gracious and respectful to women.

Any ideas for your wedding?
i want to get eloped, and then just have a HUGE reception.

Do you have a crush on anyone? Name of that person..
Tom Holland

Song that has the best memories to it?
happy or bad? happy, would be "check yes, juilet" by we the kings, and bad, would be, " slow motion " by charlotte lawerence

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