35 Juicy Questions Survey Response by Impulse

Here are the survey answers for 35 Juicy Questions Survey taken by Impulse

Why did you and your last bf / gf break up?
to me, it was because of the red flags that I kept pushing away until I finally decided to see them

If you could see your future in a movie, would you watch it?

What Country and City are you from?
no comment

Do you regularly indulge in drugs? If so, what? i.e Dope, Ectasy
nah I don't do that

Plans for the weekend?
listen to music, eat chips, just survive

Have you organised plans for summer break / new years?
new years would always be drinks + food. depends for summer

What type of boys / girls are you attracted too?
I don't really have a preference? Well, maybe not anyone who has any red flags. Need to learn from the ex

Three things you would want if you were stranded on an island?
books, crates of food that have a long expire date, journals to document my journey to freedom (and so if I die, ppl will know I tried to survive)

If you won a holiday but had to choose either a cruise ship or resort, what would you choose?
I don't really like the thought of being stranded in a ship, or drowning via ship, so resort it is

Favourite colour?
B L U E :0

What makes you angry?
a lot of things

Have you ever been in a protest?
no :( a little afraid of what could happen. I've seen how some protests go, so I have a fear of the possibilities of what could happen during and/or after

Do you drive? If so, what type of car?
no I do not

If your bestfriend and boyfriend needed you, honestly who would you choose?
I'd probably try to make it work and be there for both

One thing that annoys you about your best friend / boyfriend?
for my friend? nothing. currently not dating

If you could ask someone any question you want, what would it be?
thoughts on our current state of the world?

If you won lotto would you still work?
probably yeah. Lotto money can only get you so far

What are thre first three big purchases you'd make after winnning lotto?
probably a new laptop, if I can a new house, then whatever is left goes to a charity

Random crazy thing you daydream about?
an alien apocalypse where my nickname is "Wolfie" and I'm a really kick ass assassin for a really tight knit team. I've had a lot of crazy daydreams, but that one tops them all

Are you at home, work...?

Longest relationship?
the one with ex bc they were my only one

Names that you love?
like people's names or brand names? Or city names.

Do you perfer a beer or spirit mix (vodka, bourbon)?
I prefer flavoured whiskey

(realistically) I'm wanting:
popcorn as of now

Current obsession:
playing tetris

Fav quote:

I'm worried about:
what the future looks like for the rest of humanity

Next thing I want to buy:
a new laptop

What's your fav type of music?
Rock, but also Indie, but also some pop. Also anything with soft vibes. I like a lot of different types of music

Have you ever met anyone famous?
The closest I have been near someone famous was when The Next Step came to a mall a few cities from where I used to live

Fav singers / bands?
Demi Lovato! Bazzi :) I like so many, I can't exactly choose. But Demi for sure

Fav famous person?
Demi :)

Any ideas for your wedding?
aaaah haven't thought of that

Do you have a crush on anyone? Name of that person..
I can't tell if its me having feelings, or if its admiration

Song that has the best memories to it?
Every song I've come across has at least one memory stuck with it :)

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