35 Juicy Questions Survey Response by Anonymous

Here are the survey answers for 35 Juicy Questions Survey taken by Anonymous

Why did you and your last bf / gf break up?
I was confused abt my sexuality and ended up losing an amazing bf

If you could see your future in a movie, would you watch it?

What Country and City are you from?

Do you regularly indulge in drugs? If so, what? i.e Dope, Ectasy

Plans for the weekend?

Have you organised plans for summer break / new years?
not yet

What type of boys / girls are you attracted too?
feminine soft sweet ambitious boys. all girls

Three things you would want if you were stranded on an island?
instrument, universal cellphone, teleporter

If you won a holiday but had to choose either a cruise ship or resort, what would you choose?

Favourite colour?
green maybe

What makes you angry?

Have you ever been in a protest?
I wanna be

Do you drive? If so, what type of car?
yes. cars

If your bestfriend and boyfriend needed you, honestly who would you choose?
depends on situation

One thing that annoys you about your best friend / boyfriend?
why assume that I have a boyfriend? fuck off pls

If you could ask someone any question you want, what would it be?
idk. who cares unless I could get an honest answer

If you won lotto would you still work?
depends on if I'd get to work with my dream job

What are thre first three big purchases you'd make after winnning lotto?
clothing, instruments, animals

Random crazy thing you daydream about?

Are you at home, work...?

Longest relationship?
about 8 months

Names that you love?
unisex names

Do you perfer a beer or spirit mix (vodka, bourbon)?
I dont drink

(realistically) I'm wanting:
a happy life

Current obsession:
kink stuff, music

Fav quote:
dont have 1

I'm worried about:
the future

Next thing I want to buy:

What's your fav type of music?
all minus edm shit

Have you ever met anyone famous?

Fav singers / bands?
cavetown, jack Stauber, a7x

Fav famous person?

Any ideas for your wedding?

Do you have a crush on anyone? Name of that person..
yes. no

Song that has the best memories to it?
lot of em

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