75 Questions About Me Survey Response by Cascadia (Cass, Cassie)

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Cascadia Eve {Joon} Choi

June 18

Current Location?
The Heart of Oklahoma

Eye Color?

Hair Color?
Naturally red, but dark right now, sometimes blonde, love to change it up

240-250, been fluctuating

5'6 & 3/4ths

Both ears double-pierced

Newp, just a birthmark from Heaven ^^

Husband, actually ^^

Over used phrase?
"I'm sorry"

I am very sick, so for now I only have a three-food, two-drink diet...Kimchi, hard-boiled eggs, Greek Yogurt, Water, and Tea (sometimes hot, sometimes over ice)

Only hard candy to make saliva from my dry-mouth

Lately I like 1. Not sure why, though I have some suspicions about it

Sunshine Yellow

White Persian Cats with Really Flat Faces ^^

Tea, Water


Can't anymore.

Favorite Letter?

Favorite body part on opposite sex?
Upper Chest but only on my husband. My eyes do not at all wander.

Pepsi or coke?
Neither anymore

McDonalds or Burgerking?
Neither anymore

Strawberry or watermelon?
Neither anymore

Hot tea or cold tea?
When my illness acts up I like hot licorice root tea or hot Ginger tea. With my meals I enjoy a regular, cold tea

Chocolate or vanilla?

Kiss or hug?
I'm really not a hugger, but for my husband, both, anytime, anyplace...

Cat or dog?
CAT ^^

Rap or punk?
Wow I'm boring as I say eh, neither, but I like some of all music, so...

Summer or winter?
Summer, hands down. I do not like Winter one bit.

Scary movies or funny movies?
Scary. More specifically, psychological thrillers or mysteries...

Love or Money?
Love - money comes and goes ^^

Your bedtime?
Recently it has been pretty much in the wee hours

Most missed memory?
Lately it has been my Grandma Earlie Mae giving me Avon Cream Soap. Been thinking about her a lot. She's been gone a long time. :(

Best physical appearance?
mmmm....I'm not sure really.

First thought waking up?
Actually upon first waking, my mind is usually empty lol

Goal for this year?
Stop hurting... find out what this illness that ha taken over me is, and hopefully there is a cure, also weight loss if I can, but mostly just no pain anymore - in whatever way that that has to happen. I cannot endure it.

Best Friends?
Husband, Daughter Darby, Mom, Sister, Anchor, and Piffisoon

being redundant

That the pain will never stop...

Longest relationship?
N/A, longevity is not important to me.

Ever drank?

Ever smoked?
tried once wayyy back in the 90's and coughed all day. Later I learned I tried it from the wrong end.


Been beaten up?

Kissed opposite sex?
Nope, just my mom or daughter's foreheads

Been dumped lately?
Nope. In fact I am a newly wed as of June 13, 2017...

Favorite eye color in guy/girl?

Favorite hair color?
Silky Black

Short or long hair?

My husband's height which is a tad taller than mine

Looks or personality?
He has both

Hot or cute?
He is both

Drugs or alcohol?

Muscular or skinny?
He is both

Number of regrets in past?

What country do you want to visit?
Venice and Paris

How do you want to die?
An old lady, warm in her bed...no pain

What's your favorite thing to do?
write poetry and songs

You like thunderstorms?
Only sometimes

Get along with your parents?
I love them both. Get along with mom. Father is too erratic to love me much. I'm over it though, just livin' my life

Health freak?
Wellll I am definitely starting to be...

Think you're attractive?
In ways but not by the world's standards. In my own way I think I'm cute and sometimes pretty.

Do you smoke?

Do you shower daily?

Been in love?
I am for the first time in my life, in real love, right now.

Want to get married?
I am married. Newlywed as of June, 2017, remember? ^^

Want to have kids?
I have 4. 2 grown, 1 almost grown. My youngest is 16.

Hate anyone?

Favorite icecream?
Braum's vanilla frozen yogurt. I miss it so much.

Person you can tell anything and everything?
Anything and Everything? Only myself.

Like cuddling?
Only with my husband

Favorite place?
In my bed, At my piano, Dangjin West Sea, in a hotel with my husband... anywhere he is really

Favorite song?
Currently it's Climb, Bang, and Benjamin - all 3 by Tori Amos

Something you do when bored?
Play Solitaire, Sudoku, or Scrabble on my phone, or I simply google "I'm bored" lol and then see what comes up

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