Halloween This or That Survey Response by Tyrannosaurus Rex

Here are the survey answers for Halloween This or That Survey taken by Tyrannosaurus Rex

Trick or Treat?

Candy or Popcorn Ball?

Pumpkin carving or Pumpkin painting?
Pumpkin Painting is less of a hassle. Plus I won't cut myself by accident!

Believe in ghosts or Don't believe in ghosts?
I've watched to many episodes of Ghost Whisperer, so yeah I do!

Give out candy or turn off your lights?
Give out candy!!

Buy a costume or Make a costume?
It's a mixture of both. I buy a costume and I hate it, so I revamp it!

Werewolf or Vampire?
How about I be an Original like Klaus and be both!

Dracula or Frankenstein?

Freddy or Jason?
Hahahahaha! Freddy. He had it rough!

Scary costume or funny costume?
This one is hard! This year, I'm going for scary!

Pumpkin Pie or Pecan Pie?
Pumpkin! I don't like nuts too much with my pastries. It makes it hard to swallow the pie whole haha! Just Kidding.

Big pumpkin or small pumpkin?
Small pumpkins are so cute!

The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown or Friday the 13th?
Whaat? Quizopolis, how dare you put these two movies together and make me choose. Fine. I pick "The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown." Did you know there is a Charlie Brown Cafe here in Jinan?! It's super cute!

Snickers or Smarties?
Snickers. "I'm not me when I'm hungry. I'm my brother, Tyrone!"

Orange or Black?
Black! Orange does not go well with my skin one.

Bag or pillowcase?
For what?! To cover my head?! Where's the context for this question. Ummmm, I'll go with pillowcase and be a ghost???

Spiders or Bats?
Bats are cooler!

Scary Stories or ouiji board?
Scary stories! Scary Stories! Scary Stories! I am petrified of ouiji boards. Some bad juju.

Pagan holiday or Fun holiday?
Uhhh...a fun holiday

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