Have You Ever Survey Response by LAFAWNDUH

Here are the survey answers for Have You Ever Survey taken by LAFAWNDUH

Given a Hickey?
Yeah, a bunch on nips to a couple of girls

Had a one night stand?
Yeah, four. All with girls.

Made someone cry?
No. I never have and never will

Opened your Christmas presents early?
Yes, traditionally we open ours on Christmas Eve

Been online for more than 10 hours in a row?
OMG no. My eyes would die

Pretended to be someone you weren't online?
him, like cosplay sure, but I've never catfish

Eaten food that fell on the floor?
five second rule man

Been caught cheating?
Nope. Never been in a relationship

Been caught naked?
Maybe. I don't know :)

Flashed someone?
Yeah, a girl on a boat

Gone out without underwear on?
YES. Both to a "friends" house. Worked out nicely.

Got into a fist fight?
Nope. Not really a violent type of gal

Swallowed bath water?
All the time

Peed in the pool?
Yup. Still do it now

Thrown up in public?
huh? No, not to my knowledge

Been so drunk you can't walk?
No, been drunk, but not like that.

Peed in public?

Broken wind and blamed someone else?
Yep. All. The. Time.

Done something mean you regretted?
No not really. I'm not really a mean type of person.

Ever played pull my finger?
Hah lol nooo

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