Have You Ever Survey Response by ur mom

Here are the survey answers for Have You Ever Survey taken by ur mom

Given a Hickey?

Had a one night stand?

Made someone cry?
ur mom

Opened your Christmas presents early?
im poor

Been online for more than 10 hours in a row?
24 7 my guy

Pretended to be someone you weren't online?
ur mom

Eaten food that fell on the floor?
10 seconds rule same thing

Been caught cheating?
on ur mom

Been caught naked?
piss off

Flashed someone?
does a flashbang count

Gone out without underwear on?

Got into a fist fight?
with ur mom

Swallowed bath water?

Peed in the pool?
no but your mom did

Thrown up in public?
ur mom

Been so drunk you can't walk?
ur mom

Peed in public?
no but your mom did

Broken wind and blamed someone else?
blamed ur mom

Done something mean you regretted?
ur mom

Ever played pull my finger?
pull ur mom

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