All About Me Survey Response by no

Here are the survey answers for All About Me Survey taken by no

I Am

I Want
to die

I Have

I Wish
to kms

I Hate

I Fear

I Hear
voices in my head

I Search

I Wonder
what will happen when i die

I Regret
my birth

I Love
my nan

I Ache
all over

I Always
laugh at people falling

I Usually
act gay

I Am Not

I Dance
to lewis capaldi coz i'm a saddo

I Sing
with my deafening voice

I Never
want to get out of bed

I Rarely
leave my house (apart from school)

I Cry
daily :(

I Am Not Always

I Lose

I'm Confused
about why the price of beans went up in lidl

I Need
a boyfriend coz yano sick of the single life

I Should
live a proper life

I Dream
to be in movies

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