All About Me Survey Response by Mickey

Here are the survey answers for All About Me Survey taken by Mickey

I Am

I Want
iTunes cards

I Have
Friends and family

I Wish
To go to a BTS or kpop concert

I Hate
Donald trump

I Fear

I Hear

I Search
Videos on YouTube

I Wonder
Why donít they just keep the vlive app and add artists onto the app

I Regret

I Love
Family and friends

I Ache
That I donít know what to write here

I Always
Am on my phone and iPad

I Usually
Donít know what to say or write sometimes

I Am Not
A boy but a i am a girl who likes cars

I Dance
With friends

I Sing
With friends

I Never
Lied before

I Rarely
What? I donít know what to put here

I Cry

I Am Not Always
Good at things but I try my best

I Lose
Things sometimes

I'm Confused
Is tiktok getting banned or not

I Need
To go to a BTS concert with friends

I Should
Be getting up at 11:00am

I Dream
About things that I love but I donít want to tell you

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