All About Me Survey Response by I love you Timothée Chalamet ????????

Here are the survey answers for All About Me Survey taken by I love you Timothée Chalamet ????????

I Am
Estella f.

I Want
Timothée Chalamet to marry me

I Have
A hand fetish

I Wish
I had a perfect life with Timothée

I Hate
When people get too close to me & touch my face

I Fear
That my family will get taken away from me

I Hear
Loud music everyday when I wake up

I Search
The internet for hot Timothée pictures

I Wonder
What bad stuff happens to other people (if that makes sense)

I Regret
Not going out before quarantine happened

I Love
Timothée Chalamet

I Ache
Hmm idk

I Always
Want to sleep

I Usually
Lay in bed and eat

I Am Not

I Dance
TikTok dances

I Sing
Songs duh

I Never
Want to leave my mum

I Rarely

I Cry
When I’m sad duh

I Am Not Always
Hungry ????

I Lose
Idk ha

I'm Confused
All the time

I Need
Timothée Chalamet

I Should
Lose weight

I Dream
I have a good and happy life ????

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