All About Me Survey Response by Suzanne

Here are the survey answers for All About Me Survey taken by Suzanne

I Am
Excited for Christmas

I Want
A holiday

I Have
The best family in the world

I Wish
For sunshine

I Hate
Getting up early

I Fear
Not being here for my children

I Hear
Santa's bells

I Search
For next year's holiday destination

I Wonder
Is it too early for bed

I Regret

I Love
My family

I Ache
Everywhere! I'm getting old

I Always
Tell my family I love them

I Usually
Fall asleep in the afternoon

I Am Not
A miserable person

I Dance
All the time at home

I Sing
In the car

I Never
Want to go on public transport (apart from planes)

I Rarely
Say no to myself

I Cry
When I miss loved ones

I Am Not Always
Going to live in this country

I Lose
My phone all the time

I'm Confused

I Need
Lots of hugs

I Should
Drink less coke

I Dream
To be on strictly

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