This or That Survey Response by Someone from this world.

Here are the survey answers for This or That Survey taken by Someone from this world.

Coke or Pepsi?

Regular pool or heated pool?
Heated, and I wouldnt leave.

Hot tea or ice tea?

Sunflower or daisy?

Red rose or pink rose?
Red rose as well as the tea red rose.

Salt or pepper?
Hmm...I love both, but will have to choose salt.

Red or Green Apple?
Nice red ones.

Red or Blue?

Christmas or Thanksgiving?
Christmas you get food and presents ????

Pink or Green?

Hamburger or Hotdogs?
Normally hotdogs but lately its beem burgers.

Music or Movies?
Theres music in movies so Ill choose movies.

Heaven or hell?
Heaven, who wants to live in hell?

Comedy or horror?

aol or aim?
Idk ?????

ipod or mp3?
Mp3 players are simpler.

Purse or backpack?

Myspace or bebo?
Idk what bebo is.

Parision or Sears?
Idk what parision is, must not have it here.

Paris or France?
There both equal to me so Ill just choose paris.idk I dont eat

Milky Way or Sneakers?
Idk I dont eat those, I like kitkat and reases.

Vanilla or Chocoloate?
Lately its been more vinilla.

Phone or Internet?

Steak or Shrimp?

School or Work?
School ????

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