Which of Santa's Reindeer are you?

Fin out which of Santa's Reindeer you are by selecting all the statements that sound like you. Be honest!

 At Christmas I can forgive anything
 I think everyone deserves a little something extra at Christmas
 I rarely slip on icy sidewalks
 I finish my Christmas shopping very early
 I like to be very organized when going Christmas shopping
 I can be relied on to be the designated driver
 I am always able to pick out a good Christmas tree
 I normally end up getting hit on at the Christmas party
 I prefer bigger Christmas tree's to smaller ones
 I like to be first in line at the after Thanksgiving day sales
 I enjoy crazy Christmas shopping days
 If there is mistletoe around, I will stand under it
 The only time I Cry at Christmas is out of happiness
 I always know just what to get people for presents
 I normally make the Christmas present decisions
 I think everyone deserves a hug at Christmas
 I always like to cut down my own Christmas tree
 I am the one you find on the dance floor at the Christmas party
 I have my Christmas decorations up before Thanksgiving
 I put the Christmas lights on the roof of the house
 I normally put the decorations on the top of the Christmas tree
 I am always the first to wake up to open my presents
 Ribbons, bows, warm fire places, mistletoe. that's what Christmas is to me
 If I see someone's car stuck in the snow I will stop and help them push it out
 Red is defiantly my color
 I always try to get everyone everything they want
 When it comes to snowball fights, my team always wins
 Decorating the tree is my job
 I have a 'special' outfit for Christmas
 I'm the one that shovels the sidewalks when it snows
 I really enjoy ice skating
 I really enjoy sledding
 I never worry about knocking over Christmas decorations in department stores
 I love to give presents more than receive them
 Christmas is a romantic time of year for me
 I like to organize the Christmas party
 I love to cuddle up to someone special on Christmas Eve
 I know how to make a really good snowman
 Christmas always makes me happy
 When sitting around the Christmas tree, I am the one handing out the presents