My Secrets Survey

What's in your wallet?

What's under your bed?

What's on that way top shelf or in the very far back of your closet?

What's in your underwear drawer?

What's in the trunk of your car?

What's in your desk or locker?

Do you have a super-secret hiding place and what's in it?

Do you feel guilty about something right now, if yes what?

What is the most embarassing thing in your room right now?

Have you done something recently you hope no one finds out about?

What is your last thought before you fall asleep?

How long have those leftovers been in the fridge?

If I confiscated your computer and took a look around....what would I find?

Do you sleep with anything?

What is your midnight snack weakness?

Have you ever you shop lifted?

Have you ever vandalized anything?

Ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?

What do you wait until no one is looking to do?

Have you told the truth in this survey?

Would you like to make this survey public?

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