White Collar (TV Show) - Fun Trivia

1. How many seasons has White Collar been on the air?
2. In the first episode, why did Neal escape prison?
 To find stolen money that he'd stashed away.
 To get revenge against Peter for putting him there.
 To find his girlfriend.
3. In the season finale of season one, who was on the jet when it exploded?
4. Why did the jet explode?
 It was rigged to explode.
 Gasoline leak
 Faulty equipment
5. Toward the end of season 2, Neal switched identities with someone. Who was it?
6. Who abducts Neal and Peter in the season finale of season 2?
 Reese Hughes
 Garrett Fowler
 Vincent Adler
7. In season three's episode 'Upper West Side Story' Neal must go undercover to investigate th disappearance of scholarship funds. Who does he go undercover as?
 New Dean of Admissions
 Substitute Teacher
8. In episode one, season four, what is the name of the actor who plays Kyle Collins?
 Damon Wayans
 Mekhi Phifer
 Ving Rhames
9. In season four, episode four, who is shot after being recalled from Witness Protection?
10. Once released from the FBI, what are Neal's plans?
 To stay with the FBI as it gives him a purpose.
 To start a non-profit organization for troubled youths, as it gives him a purpose.
 To fall in love and start a family, as it gives him a purpose.