The Girls Next Door (TV Show) - Fun Trivia

1. Where is Holly from?
2. Did Bridget do a striptease for Hef?
 She did it for the entire group.
 False; she did it for her boyfriend.
3. Hef and the girls went to which city first?
 Los Angeles
 New York
4. What does Kendra do professionally?
 Dental Hygienist
 Medical receptionist
 Dental receptionist
5. How did Hef and Kendra meet ?
 She was a painted girl
 She posed for Playboy
 She served cocktails at the mansion
6. Bridget had a strip poker birthday party
 False. She had no party.
 True, and she lost at poker.
 False, she had a murder mystery birthday party.
7. Holly jumped out of whose cake?
 Her boyfriend's cake.
 Hef's cake.
 Holly has never jumped out of a cake
8. Where did the girls go without Hef?
 Atlantic City.
 Las Vegas
 The bathroom.
9. Who was the 2006 playmate?
 Kara Monaco
 Barbi Benton
 Angel Ruff
10. Whose birthday did the girls go to Las Vegas for in season one?
 Carmella DeCesare
 Kendra Wilkinson
 Dee Williams