Fairy Tale Trivia - Fun Trivia

1. Why does snow white fall asleep?
 Poison Apple
 Hits her head on dwarfs pointy hat
 Ate poison dart frog
2. Who was the villan in Cinderella?
 The milk man
 The stepsisters and stepmother
 King Peter
3. Who/what are Hansel and Gretel nearly killed by?
 A fallen branch
 A witch
 A wild chihahau
4. When does Pinocchios nose grow?
 When he eats too much sugar
 When he is dehydrated
 When he lies
5. How many dwarfs are there in snow white?
6. In the three little pigs,which of these is NOT a material used to build houses?
7. In Cinderella, what did the fairy god mother say?
 Hickory Dickory Dock
 Bippitty Boppitty Boo
8. What ate little red riding hoods grandmother?
 Little red riding hood herself
 A wild hog
 A wolf
9. In Rumpulstilskin, how would the queen get to keep her child?
 Swim across the river
 Guess the elfs name
 Bake him a cake
10. What is Sleeping Beauty's real name?
11. What did Goldilcks NOT test in the three bears house?