Shamu The Whale Trivia - Fun Trivia

1. What does the name 'Shamu' mean?
 'beautiful swimmer'
 'gentle friend'
 'friend of Namu'
2. When was Shamu purchased by SeaWorld San Diego?
3. How many seats are in Shamu Stadium?
4. What is the temperature of the water in Shamu Stadium?
 55 degrees Farenheit
 72 degrees Farenheit
 40 degrees Farenheit
5. If you do not wish to get wet during one of Shamu's shows, which rows should you not sit in?
 The first eleven
 The first fourteen
 The first five
6. The Orca whales at each SeaWorld park are referred to as 'Shamu'. How many SeaWorld parks are there?
7. How long is a Shamu show?
 20 minutes
 1 hour
 45 minutes
8. How many times a day does the Shamu show perform?
 up to 7
 up to 3
 up to 5
9. Which is not the location of a SeaWorld park?
 San Antonio, Texas
 Tampa, Florida
 San Diego, California
10. What is the name of Shamu's current show at SeaWorld?
 The Adventure of the Orca
 The Shamu Experience