January Trivia - Fun Trivia

1. January is named after what?
 Janus, a roman god of doorways and beginnings and endings.
 Jaunus, the roman god of light and sky.
 Januar, the egyptian god of doorways and beginnings and endings
2. Martin Luther King Day is located on what day in January?
 The second Monday of the month
 The third Monday of the month
 The first Tuesday of the month
3. Australia, the Australia National Holiday, is celebrated on which day in January?
4. What is January's flower?
 Lily or tulip
 Carnation or snowdrop
 Carnation or tulip
5. What is the Chinese floral emblem of January?
 Lily Tidal Bloom
 Plum Blossum
 Lime Blossum
6. Janaury is also called the National ____ Month in the United States.
 Steak and Eggs
7. What's is January's birthstone?
8. New Years Day occurs on what day in January?
 None, it's the 31st of December.
9. Janus is also one of what planet's moons?
10. Leap year exempted, January always beings on the same day as what other month?