The Real Robert Pattinson Trivia - Fun Trivia

1. how old is robert pattinson?
2. how many harry potter movies did robert act in?
3. what is robert's character's name in twilight?
 emmett cullen
 edward collin
 edward cullen
4. who does robert play in harry potter?
 cedric diggory
 ron weasley
 collin winthrop
5. is robert single?
 no :(
6. when robert appeared on the tyra banks show november 28, 2008, where did he bite her?
 the wrist
 the chin
 the neck
7. what is the name of robert's lover in the hit movie twilight?
 bella cullen
 isabella black
 bella swan
8. how many siblings does robert pattinson have?
9. where was robert born and raised?
10. what did robert say to ellen degeneres on her tv show about his relationships?
 he wants to stay single
 he wants to marry right away
 no one wants to be in a realationship with him
11. what kind of car does robert drive?
 '94 convertible
 '89 BMW
 '06 jeep
12. in harry potter, robert's character jumps from a what?
 a tree
 a telephone pole
 a school
13. many girls think this is robert's best quality...
 his face
 his hair
 his chin
14. how many months ago did robert learn to drive an american car?
15. how many more 'twilight' movies did robert sign on to play in?
 only 1 more
 all of them