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40 Have You Ever Questions Survey

Snuck out?

Snuck someone in?

Lied about where you were going?

Been in love?

Cheated on a bf/gf?

Lied to your best friend?

Made up a story?

Killed someone?

Done drugs?

Been so drunk you didn't remember anything?

Met a stranger?

Dated someone you didn't even know?

Hated someone but loved them at the same time?

Wanted to die??

Tried killing yourself?

Regret anything?

Kissed a stranger?

Lied to your parents?

Done something stupid?

Been caught in your underwear?

Made someone cry?

Thought someone crying was funny?

Wanted someone to die?

Made a best friend?

Hated the way someone changed?

Cried over something dumb?

Been in a fight?

Cuddled for more than an hour?

Been in love?

Been cheated on?

Been lied to?

Cried over a bf/gf?

Been dumped?

Gone skinny dipping?

Done stuff in the movies?

Been arrested?

Missed somone?

Crashed a car?

Talked on the phone for 3 hours straight?

Been to hospital?

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