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Are You More Angel Or Devil

1.  There is one cookie left on the plate, do you :
 Eat the cookie
 Leave it for someone else
2.  Your best friends partner kisses you, do you :
 Kiss them back
 Pull away and stop the kiss
3.  You recieve your neighbours credit card bill in your mail by accident, do you :
 Take a peek inside
 Leave it closed and hand deliver it to them
4.  Your friends are going to the beach but you have to work, do you :
 Call in sick and go to tbe beach
 Go to work as usual
5.  You have run out of clean underwear, do you :
 Go commando
 Wait to go out until you have washed some
6.  You forgot your Aunts birthday, do you :
 Tell her you mailed the present and it must be lost in the mail
 Confess to her that you forgot
7.  You see someone drop $10 on the floor and walk away, do you :
 Keep the $10 for yourself
 Run after them and give them the $10
8.  You are driving home late at night. As you come up to a 4 way stop there is no one around, do you :
 Drive through without stopping
 Stop anyway
9.  Your partner wants a sexy pic of you, do you :
 Take a pic and email it to them
 Refuse to take the pic
10.  Your work mate you don't like has left their computer unlocked, do you :
 Mess with the settings of their computer while they are away
 Leave the computer alone